Join CASCAIDr’s Twitter Chat on law and hospital discharge – #HosDisChat 12 Dec 8-9pm

On Tues 12 Dec CASCAIDr is hosting a Twitter Chat to explore using legal literacy as a tool in hospital discharge disputes

Between 8pm-9pm we’ll be discussing 5 themes, all related to hospital discharge issues, in support of CASCAIDr’s fundraising launch campaign. Just scroll down for how it works, and some technical advice to help manage being involved in the Chat.

We’ve organised input from some great people from the health and social care sector, with big minds and hearts, who’ve agreed to come together to lend their support to CASCAIDr’s campaign.

*   #HosDisChat is our Chat hashtag – please circulate it now, and up to 12 December, within your network!  *

CASCAIDr’s guest chatterers include Simon Stevens, Mark Harvey, Jo Moriarty, a RIPFA team member, John Bolton, Sara Livadeas, Neil Tester, Mervyn Eastman, David Oliver and Simon Bottery.

We’re going to be discussing the delays, the disputes, the distress, the dismay and the distance between the theory and the reality of sorting of one’s next setting or service, after a spell in a general hospital.

There’ll be 5 ‘themes’ looked at, within the chat, and 10 questions, 2 on each, one every 5 minutes – all pre-scheduled and made available for comment, bang on time. So an introduction and hello to the guests at 8pm and questions kicking off at 8.05, a fresh question every 5 minutes and a final wind-up from CASCAIDr at 8.55pm…

#HosDisChat is the hashtag to use in your tweets or within streams on twitter tools, to link questions and answers (Q1, A1, etc)

Our five themes with background reading links if you have time:

Questions can be tweeted in, up to 6pm on the day @CASCAIDr, and 2 oer theme will be selected by the host.
Donations in support of CASCAIDr

Since this is all to get CASCAIDr (the new legal advice charity founded by Belinda) off the ground, may we suggest donations at these levels please? You can do it here, on our secure MyDonate site – there’s an event page dedicated to this donations for this event:

Everyone’s going to get something of value out of this chat, regardless of why you have an interest in the topic.

So may we suggest:

£15.00 for the whole hour – listening in, and/or contributing

£10.00 for half an hour – listening in, and or contributing

£5.00 for suggesting a question on the day or tweeting one contribution in, during the chat


Instructions here, if you’ve never done one of these chats before…

The chat works through the hashtag ‘search’ facility on Twitter in the top right hand corner.

All participants, guests or the public, can search for the specific hashtag for the conversation, as it is about to begin. The theory is that nobody else will be using it – #HosDisChat

As it’s happening, it can get a bit chaotic, so here are some suggestions.

  • Some tools allow ‘buffering’ – that means the tweets get delivered in chunks instead of all at once, so you get to see 5 tweets at a time, with a pause in between. We will take it as it comes!
  • We suggest typing the hashtag out somewhere, and then blocking and copying the hashtag with Ctrl+C, so that you can paste it (Ctrl V) into every tweet you do. That way, all contributed tweets will end up in one search. Some people use a twitter chat tool that does this for you automatically. One such tool is, you can click here to directly access the #HosDisChat hashtag. allows you to pause the stream of Tweets if you need time to catch up – there is a button at the top of the screen to do this.
  • Each Question will be numbered. So when you’re joining in to reply or contribute, please type a1 or a2, etc in your tweet, after the hashtag, as the Chat moves along.

Hootsuite does not include one’s hashtag automatically but it does allow the setting up a Search tab, with a stream for the whole chat, and separate streams for each question. That’s what we’ll be doing to curate the chat’s outpouring, for curation and ongoing use, afterwards. But if you want to keep your thoughts corralled during the chat itself and keep an eye on answers to each question, from left to right across the page, this is the best thing to do, we think.

For a stream for the whole chat, use #HosDisChat for the search instruction within Hootsuite:

For separate streams for each Q and A put this type of search instruction into a new stream that you can set up on hootsuite, for each of the 10 questions,

  • for Q1 and all the answers to Q1, enter: #HosDisChat AND (q1 OR a1) -RT
  • for Q2 and all the answers to Q2 – enter: #HosDisChat AND (q2 OR a2) -RT

and so on…

What can possibly go wrong?  🙂

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