Free Care Act JRs webinar 8 December – register now and support CASCAIDr’s launch

On 8th December, midway through #CASCAIDr’s pre-opening fundraising campaign, we’re delighted that Belinda Schwehr will be offering a free 1.5 hr webinar, on the Oxfordshire and Merton cases  (all about how councils MUST behave during assessment and care planning, if the outcomes are to be lawful) (and STOP PRESS!! also the Essex case on fees)

The aim is to empower and enable people needing social care services, their advocates and their relatives to wise up, and become legally literate enough to ensure that they get their just deserts – their full legal entitlement.

It will also help Providers grasp what they would have to do to win a case on fees, these days.

The webinar is free to anyone who can attend online on the day. It’s interactive and the sound will work if you have good broadband and a sound card in your laptop.

The RECORDING of the event will cost £50 for anyone who wants one afterwards, and will play for as many times as you need, but Beilinda will be donating ALL the proceeds to the charity. And getting gift aid on top, courtesy of our wonderful government…

If anyone would like to make further donations, we will not say No, of course – and there will be a link to our button on the day, on this blog post.

So, please do diarise now. 8th December 11am-12.30pm.

Here is the registration link for getting admission to the webinar: