Bootcamp Applicants

The Caseworker Bootcamp will be held in the East Midlands on 10/11/12 May.

Venue Location: Best Western Yew Lodge Hotel, Packington Hill, Kegworth, DE74 2DF T: 01509 672518

Places are limited, and we intend to select up to 20 people to share in this opportunity. We will let you know by the end of February, 2019, please note.

For those who want to try, can we say this: we need caseworkers who already know about legal precedent,  the grounds for judicial review, where to find case law, where to find expert commentary on a case, how to apply critical thinking to existing case law, the Care Act guidance and CHC framework (well) and what the effect on the existing case law is, given that we now have the Care Act, etc. There may be a question sent back to you, to give you a chance to show that you do actually have these skills.

There will be a Getting to Know You All session on the Friday night, and dinner out in the local area.

There will then be Workshops on Saturday morning and afternoon, and again on Sunday morning and afternoon. We’ll meet for drinks on the Saturday evening and then see what people want to do for food options. We will finish at 4.30pm on the Sunday.

The workshops will cover the following: 

  • Our Care Act compliance questionnaire, and how caseworkers use it
  • Our standard wording when writing, for instance, to a council’s Monitoring Officer
  • Our wording about the most important pre and post Act case law
  • Discussion of the most common scenarios that we are being called in on
  • Discussion and familiarisation with CASCAIDr’s Litigation Strategy so that we can all spot the problems that need to be considered as good cases to support in order to make more precedent

The cost of the bedroom, lunches and breakfasts x 2 nights is CASCAIDr’s investment in all our futures. If this development opportunity  for YOU would be of benefit to a current employer or to yourself in your own business, we would hope you would be willing to pay for ONE night’s accommodation, however, as we are a charity.

We ask that those who are selected agree to fund their own food and drinks on the Friday and Saturday evenings, and fund their own travel to the venue to arrive, by 7pm Friday evening.

To qualify for CASCAIDr’s subsidy for this unique training opportunity, you need to be able and willing to do freelance work, at least once a month, on a CASCAIDr matter; work that might take 5 – 6 hours and earn you between £250 and £600.

Here’s a link to the sort of cases that we are fielding these days, and their outcomes:

Bootcamp Applicants
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