Attention: care home owners – support for doing the right thing for Covid-19 patients and their families

CASCAIDr’s written a guide about going to hospital, visiting, getting a ventilator and getting out of hospital for people who run care homes and the wider public, for reference and use during the Coronavirus crisis.

We’ve done this because of the concern nationwide that people in care homes are not only getting ill, but also seemingly dying in large numbers in care homes, which can only mean that they’re not getting to hospital even though they can’t all be deteriorating within minutes.

We think that if they’re not getting to hospital, it must be because of fears or decisions being made by desperately ill and possibly dehydrated or feverish or semi-conscious people – or their relatives, a GP, a paramedic, or a care home manager. We are not saying that that’s wrong or always inappropriate, please note!

But we don’t think anyone would want it to happen under pressure, or for want of legal awareness, or up-to-date information, or by dint of misinformation gleaned from the media, instead of well-informed consideration of all relevant considerations.

So – please, study it, distribute it to staff, print it off and pass it on to relatives – with our thanks and compliments for the work you are doing.

It’s called 10 things all Care Home Managers should know – and it’s for promoting good practice and preventing misinformation around DNAR/CPR, hospital visiting, access to ICU and discharge.

It should be useful for residents, family members and advocates, as well as for providers, commissioners, social workers and safeguarding staff.