Drug & Alcohol Rehab Specialist, Rehab 4 Addiction, shares its latest Infographic about COVID-19 and Mental Health

Many might say we are suffering from one of the worst outbreaks in living memory, as people are forced to say inside, and are losing income.

One’s approach to social distancing as the weeks go by may well depend on one’s age and personal circumstances, and relationships with others who are vulnerable – it may be relaxed or intensely anxious. Mental health concerns must not be overlooked during this pandemic. Many have experienced anxiety, depression and unease and we need to make sure that the slow transition back into regular interactions does not cause further mental health issues.

We also need to consider that many people are particularly affected by the sheer uncertainty of this pandemic. We don’t know if and when the pandemic will end or if another wave is here, or coming; thinking about the pandemic and how it may end can cause many mental issues for some. Social media is promoting unhealthy amounts of information on COVID-19 and may be neglecting the positive news. The ups and downs can make people overthink, and cause them to focus on the future instead of the present.

You or your family member might feel as if there is no end to this pandemic, but having a positive outlook and making a continuous effort to be more positive will do wonders for yur mental health. If you must, take some time off and focus on your mental health through meditation and physical activity: this is something which will have a positive outcome for your mental health. Take care of your mental health and that of your loved ones.

Here’s an infographic by Rehab 4 Addiction that details how to do just this:

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