A post on our CEO’s local neighbours’ site: a call to compassion


That boy is playing out during lockdown again, where are his irresponsible parents? Well, he’s got learning difficulties and many other problems one can’t see; he can’t be kept indoors for his own safety and for the mental wellbeing of his mother and himself, he needs that time outside.

See that man who drove an hour for a pit stop coffee. Not essential? Disgusting rule breaker! He just lost his mother to Covid-19 and needed to take an hour out when he cannot see a single friend or family member in his darkest hour.

That woman who’s taken her kids into the supermarket – 4 squealing kids she can’t control – all under 5! Is she trying to risk her kids’ health? What is she thinking?! That woman is a single mother and has no other choice, as able people have taken all the home delivery slots and her husband left them for dust for his secretary, 6 months ago.

That car is parked again at the neighbours! They’re not from the same household! The woman in the house tried to take her own life and the one parked outside is the only face she’s seen who is stopping her trying again to leave this earth.

How has she managed to get abroad and how dare she post pics on social media – Why not me! Fuming? That girl is a nurse and has worked 6 months straight off, saving lives of others’ loved ones and friends and colleagues without a single full day off and has been running on fumes for so long, her mental health took a hard hit and she needed that break to recoup to come back and fight the fight again.

He’s out working, he’s not an essential worker! Surely he should be home? That man is a newly self-employed single dad. He can’t claim, he doesn’t qualify for the government help schemes. He has no choice to continue his work to keep his roof and feed his kids.

“That woman’s out all the time, never in the house, I’m going to report her”. That woman finds every excuse to leave the house to escape her abusive boyfriend who has started beating her senseless sinking into a vicious circle of drinking after losing his job due to lockdown.

Just a few examples of many that could be anyone.

Everybody’s story is different, everybody’s circumstances are different. Nobody knows what battle someone is facing on a daily basis, the struggles people face behind closed doors.

So I’m trying hard not to judge what I see, and not to assume I know or understand why.

“Be kind”, I’m learning to say to myself, and be humble and mind your own business! Look after your own affairs, I’m learning – and be safe.

I’m trying to remember to reach out to friends and family and check in on my loved ones.

We may all be in the same storm but we are not all in the same boat; we are all fighting the same war but everyone’s battle is different. And what tough battles they are!

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