CASCAIDr’s Community Care Legal Framework Courses – 2022/2023 

CASCAIDr is delighted to announce two new Care Act Legal Framework course opportunities, offered by leading expert and CASCAIDr’s CEO, Belinda Schwehr –

  • The Professional Course
  • Geared to professionals working in or around the sector, or wanting to develop their careers in that direction, this course offers a firm grip on the public law scaffolding on which the Care Act and Guidance are based – and the means to evaluate the propriety of current practice in the sector, contributing to shoring up accountability for these important public sector duties. 
    • It’s aimed at professionals and future leaders already working in the fields of adult social care and health who want to develop their legal awareness and acumen, regarding community care law.  
    • It will enable people to grab the chance to become one of the 4300 extra assessors that the government is going to have to accept will be needed for next year’s introduction of the Care Costs Cap, or offer independent Care Act services.
    • This will likely include integration project staff, senior managers in health or social services or social care organisations, advice workers, independent advocates, social workers and adults’ services care managers, mental health practitioners, social work academics, paralegals and public lawyers looking for new subject-matter expertise.
  • The Public Course:
  • Open to anyone, this course offers people who use social care services, family carers and people’s informal supporters and advocates the right tools for assisting in securing legally adequate Adult Social Care budgets and care plans for themselves or their loved ones – or spotting when one’s council or NHS commissioner is on shaky grounds, in legal terms.
    • It’s for people who have an interest in developing their understanding of community care law – in particular, people who want to empower and advocate better for themselves or others, in their dealings with adult social care and health staff, or with complaints staff, the ombudsman’s services, or law firms. 
    • This cohort is likely to include people who care for someone with a mental or physical condition or disorder, or perhaps people who are members of a peer support or self-advocacy group, a citizen’s forum or feedback group or a family carers’ group.
    • It is of course open to people who have a health condition, a mental health disorder or a physical disability, themselves, as long as it’s not inconsistent with the way we have to deliver the course.
    • We can make some reasonable adjustments (eg delivering the powerpoints in advance for use with a screen reader or resizing) and we invite applicants with disabilities to tell us what they’d need to participate.

These courses start in September 2022. Fees, dates and topics are set out on the next link below, along with how to apply for either of the courses.

The cohorts are divided into Learning Circles for ongoing supported study.

Lecture recordings, lecture presentations and reading material for getting through, between the scheduled sessions, are all included.   

Here is some feedback from a few of our participants from the 2021/2022 courses: 

“This course is one of the most exciting things to happen to me in years!!” 

“I am gaining loads from the course – it’s so informative – and the knowledge I am gaining is incredibly useful on the ground.” 

“I would like to take this chance to say how much I am enjoying the course, my knowledge and confidence are growing exponentially.” 

“Thank you for giving me this opportunity to improve my knowledge, I love your passion and we do need people like you to keep reminding us what the important stuff is. “ 

Enrolment for both courses is open now for September 2022 start dates.

Click here for more information on The Professional Course. – for fees, dates, topics and the enrolment process

Click here for more information on The Public Course. for fees, dates, topics and the enrolment process

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