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CASCAIDr Public Care Act Course 2022/2023 

What will I learn from this course? 

We will study 13 topics within the Care Act – please see full list below – using past and current case law, and delving into case studies and reading links. 

We will look at examples of how  

1 Introduction and sorting out Learning Circles 

2 Advocacy, Involvement, Participation   

3 Assessment 

4 Eligibility 

5 Care Planning and choice 

6 Reviews and Revisions 

7 The Mental Capacity Aspect of the Care Act 

8 Direct Payments 

9 Continuing NHS Health Care 

10 S117 Mental Health Aftercare 

11 Charging 

12 Complaints and other remedies 

13 Legal Aid and judicial review 

How long is the course and when and how is it delivered? 

The 13 sessions will be spread over the course of one year (ending in September 2023).  

The course is delivered via Zoom, on intermittent Wednesday evenings at 7pm (mainly three week gaps) with access to the PowerPoint presentations before each session and live recordings (the full session and the audio file) shortly afterwards. 

Sessions will consist of 1.5 hr lecture, followed by a break-out session and then a whole group Q&A for questions raised in the Chat or in the break-outs. Sessions finish at 9pm or shortly thereafter, depending on the group’s energy levels. 

The learning circles can offer a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who bond and support each other, both inside and outside of the course. 

How much does it cost? 

£75 via Paypal, and payable by 31 August 2022.

We offer a reduced cost placement to those on low income (eg people in receipt of Carer’s Allowance), and people financially supporting people with disabilities – the reduced cost is £35, please describe your situation when you are applying.

We are offering free places for people in hardship, so if this applies to you please mention it when applying.

No refunds are offered for anyone who decides it’s not for them. 

What are the entry criteria for taking part in the course? 

There are no formal entry criteria, other than being prepared to do the Guided Learning and Supported Study reading, every week. You will not be helped, outside of whatever is feasible via your learning circle, or examined, formally, but you will be encouraged, enthused and motivated – and we hope there will be many ‘lightbulb’ moments. 

How do I apply? 

Please send a cv and a covering letter to 

In your covering letter, please explain why you’re interested in the course and its relevance to you, and indicate whether you want to be considered for a discounted or free place, with specific financial hardship reasons why you should be given one. 

Places will be allocated first, to those we think most likely to benefit and be able to keep up with the studying, and decisions made at the end of July 2022 as to the free places.