Care Planning and initial budget finalisation – Professional Cohort 21 July

Tips for managing playback of the recording

You can make the recording window bigger, by clicking on the Expand Arrows in the bottom right hand corner of the recording window, above. It opens up in a larger screen mode. To get out of that mode, you click on Esc on your own keyboard.

You can control the volume by way of the loudspeaker button next to the arrows button, to the left.

You can pause the recording by clicking on it at any time, to read the materials, for instance.

You can stop listening, by pausing as above, and return, within a generous window, in the course of a working day or an evening, and just click on the screen again – it should start where you’d left off.

If you need to return on a different day, you can go back to your email and click on the link again and get another authentication code, but you should note where you get to, time-wise, in this scenario, from the time counter on the left of the window – and move the circular button from left to right to find the same time spot, again, on your return.

You may print screen and save an image of a slide if you need, by pressing the Print Screen button on your keyboard, then opening Microsoft Word and pasting (Ctrl+V)

You cannot download the recording or print out the materials, as this is paid-for content, and copyrighted to the site owner, Belinda Schwehr.

An audio-only version of the recording is provided below