Care Rationing Survey

ADASS has done a survey about adopting policies for the rationing of care, around the country, due to Covid pressures, and 94 councils responded.

We don’t know which ones are doing which contingency steps mentioned in the ADASS survey, so we will FOI them all if they won’t tell us.

The Today programme (R4) would like to hear from people who have been affected by this development, to find out what it’s meant for them or for their families.

We’d like to help the programme find such people. If this appeals to you, take our quick test here, to see if the situation in your area fits the scenario that would make what’s happening, into a breach of the Care Act, and find out if it’s worth your making a referral to CASCAIDr, for specialist legal advice.

Care Rationing Survey
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1. Do you or a relative have an Assessment of Need, or a formal Care Plan, from a council, for a specific number of care visits per day, or hours of care somewhere else, per day, or per week?
2. Are you or your relative being commissioned for by the council – that is, the council buys your care and you do not have a direct payment?
3. Are you or your relative not getting the full amount of care specified in the care plan? For instance, three visits, not four, per day - or fewer hours than actually planned for at day care or with an escort …?
4. Does your Care Plan provide for several different types of input, to meet different types of needs?
5. Are you getting the care or support that the council thinks matters most, as in normal times, but not the input that one might describe as the less direct ‘wellbeing’ related input – eg the social inclusion funding, or funding for escorting to activities, etc?
6. Have you been told that what can be done for existing clients is prioritising life sustaining care such as supporting someone to eat, and remain hydrated, over supporting someone to get out of bed or complete other activities, so that they could not DO their daily living activities?
7. If your loved one has dementia or mental health problems, have you been told that there is no current means to assist them in their isolation, or their need for human support to do things that still matter to them?
8. Have your or your relative’s needs been met recently by someone very differently skilled to the normal staff who usually do the job: eg reablement staff being deployed to do regular long term care at home, financial assessment staff doing assessments of need, contract staff doing care reviews?
9. Are you worried about the competence or appropriateness of staff turning up to do the work in the care plan?
11. If you are ONLY at the assessment stage, and haven’t got a care plan yet, but they are talking to you about it: has someone has said to you that they can’t deliver as much care as they think you or your relative needs at the moment because of Covid, or asked whether you or your relative could cope with less?
12. Have you been told that NHS therapists or physios are not available at the moment for joined up care visits or assessments, so that what is provided is inevitably falling short of what’s appropriate, or a scheduled review has been delayed?
13. Have you been told that your / your loved one’s care plan can’t be reviewed at the moment, even though you’ve identified a change (an increase) in risk or need?
14. Have you been told that the process of assessment for new clients is being rationed, according to ‘priorities’?
15. Have you been told that all assessment is going online, regardless of mental capacity concerns and access to advocacy?
16. Have you been told that your loved one can only have his or her assessment now, if they are happy to go ahead without a Care Act advocate, even though they clearly have substantial difficulties with engaging with the process?
17. Have you been told by a council that your CHC assessment simply can’t happen at the moment, even though the council staff think you might qualify?

Sorry you are not a person who could currently contribute to the radio programme

You are not a person who could currently contribute to the radio programme but if you cannot recruit or find anyone to spend your direct payment ON, you should ask the council for permission to be paid for the care that YOU are doing, on the basis of necessity. You need to have explained the efforts you have made and what the problem is: is it the rate that your budget is set at, failing to attract any direct employees you've advertised for, or the non-existence of any staff in any agency with any spare capacity? The council needs to respond properly because if it won't give you permission, you will have been forced to provide care to meet eligible needs for free, and that's not lawful.

That is the end of our questions, click on the Submit button below and we will get back to you if your situation fits the bill