CASCAIDr Basic Charges Check – Part Two

Please fill Part 2 of the Basic Charging Checks form in, as best you can, or get someone to help you. The more information you can give us, the better the process will be.

This form will be kept confidential within CASCAIDr. We hold all information under data protection rules. You’ve already consented to our processing of your information for the purposes of this check and no other purposes, on part 1 of the form.

If you need to select more than one option in a list, hold the Control (Ctrl) button on your keyboard and click all of the applicable options

You need to click on ‘Submit’ at the end, for it to come to us.

Legality Check Part 2
We need to know this because it affects how much benefit should be being paid.
Please note this charges check is NOT needed for people living in a care home setting – don’t go any further please - we did say this on Part 1.
What is your BENEFITS position, please? More than one benefit may be being paid. Tick all that you think you get. Check carefully, if you are doing this form by yourself, please. The figures have been uprated for after April 5th, so your last year's figures will be slightly less, but called the same names. *
If you would prefer to give us a scan of your last Financial Assessment form from the council, that is an alternative to filling in this box, and you should do that by attaching a scan to your email reply to the email that gave you the link to this form.
If you have said you are on an Income Related Benefit above, do you get a Severe Disability Premium of £66.95 per week (now £67.30) (£133.90 for couples) added to any of your benefits? *
On the charging assessment, has the local authority deducted a weekly amount from your assessed income, for what you might need by way of care at night, which care the council does not actually provide or pay for, for you? *
Please tell us if you (the person having this check) have access to any other money? *
Please tell us about your/the person's capital and savings position, including the value of any OWNED property? *
Now for some important questions about what happens regarding ANY OTHER deduction from your income: from your disability benefits or for Disability Related Expenditure (DRE) for the purposes of your social care charges: *