CASCAIDr DRE Course Payment

Thank you for your application to participate in CASCAIDr’s charging law course, focusing on asserting Disability Related Expenditure disregards from people’s means, for the social services financial assessment for care charges.

You have been allocated a place. The course starts on Tuesday 26 April so put that in your diary, along with the other dates mentioned on our advert.

Please use the PayPal button below to complete payment for the course. Please note that you can either use PayPal itself or use a credit/debit card, if you prefer. The total price is £100.

You will receive a confirmation email, afterwards. Please keep that safe as it is your receipt, and it may be helpful in claiming the cost back from someone who’s willing to pay for you to do the course.

If you pass the follow-up online exercise at the end, you will get a certificate. If you get that far, and want to, you can then use the skill as a volunteer for CASCAIDr on processing up to 5 real people’s situations, and get up to five chunks of £15.00 back from us, in recognition that you have done really well. It’s optional but we think you will love applying the knowledge, under our supervision.

Click the button below to complete payment.