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The impact on individuals of crashing the social care market into the buffers

This video looks what’s really happening in Adult Social Care regarding care home bed shortages, and the lack of homecare services at the price that councils can afford

Sourcing HOUSING after college or a stay in an Assessment and Treatment Unit

This video looks at some of the influences that are affecting access by disabled people – especially young people, to housing in which they could receive support services

Is it lawful for LAs to have a policy of always choosing the cheaper option

This video looks at what councils can do to save money, when changing the value of a person’s care plan or the setting or the provider, without going outside the current legal framework

Insufficient home care to go round – market management meltdown

This video looks at how people can be ‘ware-housed’ in care home when they really need to be at home, receiving care, but can’t, because not enough has been commissioned, or the price has been kept too low to make any business sense to anyone.

How are we really doing with the care act

CASCAIDr’s Belinda Schwehr looks at how we are not doing so very well with the Care Act and how some staff are managing people’s expectations downwards

Disappearing Direct Payments

This video looks at what councils are doing to make direct payments less and less attractive, regardless of whether it’s unlawful or not under the Care Act – so as to take back control of local care markets

Carers’ goodwill, stretched to the maximum

This video looks at how ill, disabled, and elderly people’s relatives are being pushed beyond any reasonable expectation of informal care provision to their loved ones, so that councils can break even – and why they need to say NO

Care home bed shortages affecting hospital discharge

This video looks at how the shortage of care homes now willing to take council funded clients at the fees that councils wish to pay, is leading to more delayed discharge from hospitals, and at some of the responses to this problem, on the part of the NHS and local authorities

Being stuck in an ATU

This video looks at why there are so many people fit for discharge from assessment and treatment units but not able to leave, because of the complexity of the regime for accessing suitable housing – separate to the regime for getting aftercare

The Impact of Austerity

Belinda Schwehr from CASCAIDr looks at whether statutory duties are still legally enforceable in an era where everyone knows that money is tight