If you are an individual, in need of advice, please click on Free Advice and fill out a referral form as best you can.

You get a copy of it, when you submit it to us, via your own email address.


If you can’t manage the referral form, on that link, after giving it a really good go, please book a call via our button on the home page – the office number is 01252 560856.


If you are phoning, and the CASCAIDr answering machine kicks in, PLEASE TAKE CARE TO PROVIDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER straight away and clearly. The technology doesn’t always work, a signal drops and messages with contact details at the end can get cut short!

If you don’t hear back from us, or a volunteer who will introduce him or herself as working with CASCAIDr, within 48 hours, CALL the office number back, again, please.


If you are an organisation, in need of advice, please consider buying a package deal, if you have a problem that needs just a steer, or less than 3 hours of advice: click here for package deal terms – otherwise email or book a call on the ‘Books’ Icon on the right of this page.

Other means of contacting CASCAIDr


Twitter: @BelindaSchwehr

FacebookClick here to view us on Facebook

Skype: BelindaSchwehr1 (very rarely on!)

LinkedIN: Belinda Schwehr



Finally, CASCAIDr’s registered office is Willowbank, The Hatches, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 8UE, where you can always send a letter or paperwork (preferably not via Recorded Delivery).