Delay in General

These reports touch on many areas: delays in care assessments, financial assessment, reviews, replying to complaints, implementing care, backdating payments, carers assessments… the list goes on. There are some extreme cases where people were left un-assessed for years. The problem then arises, is that generally a person’s needs will have changed, so they then do not have an appropriate package of care. This is where the LGO will consider how reasonable or unreasonable/ how much injustice was caused by the delay. It considers how the delay impacts the persons wellbeing and outcomes, and whether it could cause a person harm.

Name of CouncilSubject MatterTitle of ReportNumber
WorcestershireImplementing CareWorcestershire County Council at fault for failing to properly explain the charging and net direct payment process, failing to monitor a direct payment account, and failing to engage consistently with a person’s financial representative19 019 886
CalderdaleImplementing CareCalderdale Council at fault for poor communication, failing to involve a person in decisions surrounding their care, wrongly stopping direct payments and severe delays in carrying out an assessment19 004 821
West SussexComplaint ResponseWest Sussex County Council at fault for complaint handling process when other allegations of fault were not upheld 18 008 190
StafforsdhireRequest for DoLS AssessmentStaffordshire County Council found at fault for decision to use its own policy to avoid carrying out requested DoL Safeguards assessments18 004 809
Bradford CityImplementing CareCity of Bradford Metropolitan District Council to pay £60,000 in restitution for failing to provide care or support for over 5 years, despite agreeing a support plan17 016 346
ShropshireNeeds assessments, Implementing Care, Complaint Response.Shropshire Council at fault for the delayed allocation of a social worker19 020 314
London Borough of MertonImplementing CareLondon Borough of Merton Council delay in finding suitable placement was inexcusable 18 011 437
ReadingImplementing CareReading Borough Council at fault for causing care plan confusion as it failed to record changes to care plan, to meet needs over seven days as assessed, and changed its mind on its own findings on the complaint made19 005 250
CroydonImplementing Care, Complaint ResponseLondon Borough of Croydon Council at fault for severe delays and unexplained systemic failures in transitioning to adult services, carers’ assessments and direct payments for the package18 015 014
HertforshireImplementing CareHertfordshire County Council at fault for mis-timing MCA assessment and poor records leading to unnecessary delays in decision-making for a service user and carer19 001 890
LeicestershireImplementing CareLeicestershire Council at fault for failing to arrange home care within a reasonable timescale, and failing to provide information about direct payments18 017 173
Essex CountyImplementing Care/Needs AssessmentEssex County Council at fault for delays in assessment and sourcing care package resulting in a much longer than necessary stay in care home 18 018 480
Windsor and MaidenheadImplementing Care/Needs AssessmentRoyal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead at fault for failing to properly consider the risks when separating a married couple of 59 years, failing to provide adequate care and failing to provide appropriate complaint responses18 015 872
Dorset CountyImplementing Funding/Needs AssessmentDorset County Council at fault for unreasonable delays in funding Direct Payments 18 012 800
CornwallImplementing Funding/Implementing CareCornwall Council at fault for delays in providing support19 003 073
CornwallImplementing Funding Cornwall Council at fault for delays in approving direct payments 18 018 350
CroydonImplementing FundingLondon Borough of Croydon at fault for delays in making housing adaptations, inadequate communication and poor complaints handling19 001 861
HillingdonImplementing Funding Hillingdon Council at fault for failing to produce any care and support plan, for delays in payments and for failing to provide any adequate interim arrangements 17 016 412
North TynesideImplementing Funding North Tyneside Metropolitan Council at fault after delaying authorisation of ten hours’ additional support for over two years, the ombudsman finds 18 011 515
StaffordshireNeeds Assessment/Implementing CareStaffordshire County Council at fault for delay in reassessment and not meeting an assessed eligible need19 011 306
Kensington & ChelseaNeeds AssessmentRoyal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea at fault due to poor communication, delay in assessments and delay in care and support.19 008 936
LincolnshireNeeds AssessmentLincolnshire County Council, Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and Lincolnshire East CCG found jointly at fault for failing to work together properly with regard to s117 aftercare18 012 682
GloucestershireNeeds Assessment Gloucestershire County Council at fault for discontinuing an autistic man’s support and for the delays in reassessing him19 005 899
PlymouthNeeds AssessmentPlymouth City Council at fault for its handling of care provision and severe delay in the complaint response18 008 907
CroydonNeeds AssessmentLondon Borough of Croydon and NHS Trust at fault for delaying assessments and referrals, and allocating unsuitable accommodation18 005 311
LambethNeeds AssessmentLambeth Council and the CCG at fault for delays in needs assessments and handling of a restitution claim17 005 393
Sheffield CityNeeds AssessmentSheffield City Council and the CCG jointly at fault for delays in needs assessments and for failing to properly communicate and coordinate to reduce the impact of the lack of co-operation19 019 772
Bradford Metropolitan DistrictNeeds AssessmentCity of Bradford Metropolitan District Council at fault for serious delays in decision-making and failing to communicate properly 19 000 350
CroydonNeeds Assessment Croydon Council at fault for serious delay in completing care assessment 18 016 105
Windsor and MaidenheadNeeds Assessment Windsor and Maidenhead Council at fault for delays, and failing to communicate, when unacceptable behaviour threatened a placement 18 017 393
DarlingtonNeeds Assessment Local Government Ombudsman’s recent reports on issues arising around transition from children’s to adults’ services at Darlington Borough Council 17 015 575
HaringeyNeeds Assessment Haringey Council at fault for avoidable delays in assessing needs for an elderly woman waiting to be discharged from hospital 17 016 601
LewishamNeeds Assessment Lewisham Council at fault for delay in carrying out a care needs assessment; failure to consider the significance of an ASD assessment and failure to retain an Advocate 18 001 147
Hammersmith and FulhamNeeds Assessment London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham at fault for delays in reviewing care and the carer’s and client’s packages 18 019 910
SalfordNeeds Assessment Salford Council at fault for not reviewing a person’s care plan since 2013 and for its Care Act delegate (an NHS Foundation Trust) not doing so, since 2015 19 002 111
SomersetNeeds AssessmentSomerset Council at fault for excessive delay, inadequate assessments, poor policy management and failure to address an increase in needs, properly 16 016 755
Waltham ForestNeeds AssessmentWaltham Forest Council found at fault by ombudsman after delaying a Carer’s Assessment for two years from the date requested and even then failing to provide the outcome of the assessment to the carer 18 006 436
Tower HamletsFinancial AssessmentLondon Borough of Tower Hamlets at fault for failing adequately to consider appeals relating to disability related expenditure19 008 359
BromleyFinancial Assessment AppealLondon Borough of Bromley Council at fault for delay in financial assessment appeals process 19 002 909
Hammersmith and FulhamSensory Assessment/Implementing CareLondon Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham found at fault for delays in completing a sensory assessment and in implementing reablement support18 019 465
TamesideCarer’s AssessmentTameside Council at fault for failing to carry out a carer’s assessment, and for an inadequate investigation leading to inadequate care 18 011 449
WandsworthInvoicingLondon Borough of Wandsworth at fault in charging for care outside of care plan, and delay in invoicing estate18 018 409