DFG Delays

The reports focus on delays by the Council in making improvements to someone’s home using DFGs. Disabled Facilities GRANTS are just that: grants to the person who has applied for one in order to pay a builder for work. The money is either to be used to fund a contract for works, which anyone can make and break, and take the consequences of; or they are used by Housing Improvement Agencies.

The LGO emphasises that Councils must be satisfied that whatever works carried out, were sufficient. Normally complaints are also teamed with insufficient records or communication.

LewishamLondon Borough of Lewisham at fault for bad record keeping and taking too long to resolve problems from works under a disabled facilities grant19 004 292
CroydonLondon Borough of Croydon at fault for delays in making housing adaptations, inadequate communication and poor complaints handling19 001 861
BirminghamBirmingham City Council at fault for a perceived 4 yr delay in the DFG process and for poor complaints handling19 005 394