CASCAIDr’s Basic Charges Check

Important: Temporary Closure to New Work for 2 Weeks 

CASCAIDr has no option but temporarily to close to NEW charging checks, for 2 weeks from the 16th May, until the 30th May.

This is due to very difficult circumstances and an ongoing project affecting our capacity, in addition to staff absences.

You can still fill in the charging checks form during this period, however it will take some time to process all of these when we open again, and the date of submission is not the only consideration we try to apply, so please do consider carefully whether your problem can wait.

This is where you can sign up for a Basic Charges Check for £35.00, as advertised on social media and elsewhere.

The Check is by no means essential – it’s a choice – a service that checks for some  specific matters that affect the legality of social care charges in your particular case.

Who should do this check?

The people most likely to benefit from this check are:

  • People living on their own, at home with a family member, or in supported living arrangements;
  • …with care is paid for by their Council, either commissioned on their behalf or funded through direct payments;
  • …and charged by the council for that care, or paying in a contribution to the direct payment account.

and who are EITHER:

  • Under Pension Credit Age and in receipt of the enhanced rate of AA/DLA or PIP Daily Living Component, and are in the Support Group for ESA, or
  • Whatever the level of AA/DLA or PIP, have Severe Disability Premium included in an income related benefit


  • have disability related expenditure (DRE) which they think has not been properly taken into account when assessing the charges to be paid (nb this could include money spent from the funds of a friend or family member, on necessary items, if the person lacks capacity).
  • look after the benefits and finances of a person with impaired abilities to manage their own benefits, as an appointee, whether one is a family member, friend, care provider or professional appointee
  • act as financial attorneys or deputies for people in that same sort of situation.

Who will not derive any benefit from this Check

This service is not suitable for anyone…

  • who lives in a residential care home;
  • whose local authority is in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland;
  • who wants to check their entitlement to benefits to see if they’re getting the right amount. If you need that then this site here is helpful: or

The Check involves a 2 stage process. You should read our offer before you go ahead, because a fee has to be paid for this service. You cannot phone us for help, we are sorry to say. This is the only way we can cope with the high numbers of people needing this check.

What we will provide

Our check is based on a recent court decision (the Norfolk case) which decided that a Council’s charging policy and decision on charging a young woman for her care were unlawful. Other councils have similar policies, but finding them and interpreting them can be tricky.

We will do the check and tell you, or your financial representative or other relative supporting you, three things:

  1. Whether you are likely to be one of many people whose own Council has got a case to answer, in light of the judgment in the Norfolk case.
  2. Whether you should be writing to the Council to ask for a different approach to assessing your means, or a disregard (or a deduction of a larger amount), for Disability Related Expenditure (DRE) from your assessed income, so as to reduce the charge you have to pay – or otherwise challenge the DRE policy of your council.
  3. Whether your Council should be notified of a request for repayment of any charges that have been made unlawfully or if they should consider wiping out an existing charges debt.

In such cases, we will supply you with one or more letters that you can send off, in our name, or yours. But any replies will have to be flagged to come to you or your financial representative or supporter.

If you need further advice, and you are likely to qualify for legal aid, then we can refer you to a legal aid firm with the expertise to deal with these matters. If you don’t qualify for legal aid, then a new and very reasonable fee-paying arrangement could be made with one of several fee paid law firms – as an individual or as a group.

What you will need to provide

If you want to accept that offer, we need YOUR details, first of all, on the form below, or those of any Financial Representative with legal authority to manage your money, or any friend or relative willing to help you and arrange payment.

You, or your representative, will need the following information in order to complete the forms:

  1. Your benefit award letters, showing how your benefits are calculated. These are usually sent to you in April each year, or when your benefits change.
  2. A copy of the last financial assessment made by your Council, explaining how they calculated what you must pay toward your care, and what they discounted, if anything, for DRE, plus reasons why not, as prompted by the box, if they gave you any…
  3. Accurate figures on your income from any other sources, and on any savings you have.

You can send us the documents themselves, if you think that the questions on our forms don’t match what you’ve got.

If you have no-one with formal authority to help you, you can ask a friend or relative to help you. They can pay the money for you, as long as you are both happy that they should do that, with your money, or their money.

Paying for the Check

Whoever is paying the fee needs to click on the PayPal button below to process paying the £35.00 charge (no VAT) to CASCAIDr.

If you want to ask for a free check, because you are in dire straits financially, we have some money from our campaign to pay for that, so please pay now and we will consider repaying you once we’ve checked your details.

Note the PayPal page will open in a new tab/window. When payment has been completed you can close that window and return here to fill in the form.

One Single Check


10 Checks for your chosen recipients

Filling in the form

After payment has been made, please fill in part 1 of the form below, as best you can, or get someone to help you. The more information you can give us, the better the process will be.

You need to click on ‘Submit’ at the end, for part 1 of the form to come to us.

You will receive part 2 of the form through an email with a link on it, once you have paid the fee, as set out above.

You can make the form show bigger, by putting one finger on the ‘Ctrl’ key and another one on your ‘+’ (Plus) key (even if it appears to need Shift as well, it works without doing that).

The NAME of the person agreeing to pay for this check (YOU in person, for yourself – or a friend or relative withOUT any formal legal authority to spend your money):

The NAME of the person who is the Financial Representative: Appointee, Finance Deputy or Finance LPA: