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New Applicants who want to take up our Package Deal offer for advice, training webinars and access to our Q&A section for ‘Subscribers only’?


If you’ve not yet become a package deal customer, and you’re just one individual, such as a broker, or a PA, click HERE to apply for a Package Deal Membership – and follow the instructions that pop up, to set up your account.

We will contact you to arrange invoicing and shortly after that, you will receive a notification from us that your account has been verified and you’ll then be able to log in, on this page, to access the private content (see Existing Subscribers, below).

You will be asked for a mobile phone number when you set up your account – so please ensure that you click on the UK’s country code before putting your number in! You can find it quickly by typing in UK and then selecting United Kingdom …(+44)


If you are an organisation with several people who’ll want access to the ‘Subscriber’ area, please contact for an invoice for the relevant description of organisation. Tell her about your organisation – what it is called, what it does, and its nature (charitable or commercial or something in between; local, regional, national, number of people who need access etc.) You could help us by getting a purchase order number sorted out in advance, before sending your email.

Once your organisation has been invoiced, you and your staff or members will be given a password protected link to the means to make personal accounts that will function straight away, once that’s been done by each individual, keeping the administration to a minimum.

Your people within the subscription can only use domain email addresses related to the paying organisation, other than by special arrangement (eg for service user and carer groups with personal email addresses).

Existing Package Deal Subscribers’ Log In

If you have already bought a package deal for CASCAIDr Trading services (advice, training webinars and access to our Q&A section for members only), and have successfully set up your personal account details, you can log in below, with the password you chose for yourself when making your own personal account.

Logging in after setting up your account requires 2-factor authentication – you get a code sent to your mobile phone and typing that in to a box on screen enables you to access the private subscription material.

You’ll be taken to a page through which you can search the free Legal Database for Topics and Case Law search terms – but there’s a search for the ‘Subscribers ONLY’ Q&A database too, on that page.