Advocacy Organisations

Independent Care Act advocates and Advocacy Organisations may like to consider buying a package deal from the Charity

We have set a rate that is the same for all advocacy organisations, on the assumption that most will be charities themselves, or operate as Not For Profit organisations.

The special position of advocacy organisations

CASCAIDr exists, first and foremost, for individuals – individuals with social care and health  legal problems. It does not exist for their advocates – who should, with the greatest of respect, already know enough about the Care Act and public law principles to be able to get a person who’s been funded for their advocacy input from public money, under statute, just as far as we can, if not further…

In the real world, however, we recognise that the management boards of advocacy organisations are often persuaded to take whatever rate the commissioner is willing to offer, when tendering for the advocacy service or offering a grant – and that that amount doesn’t always stretch to Care Act training, or any training about how law and legal rights WORK, in this field.

If this charity were to provide all of the analysis and advice needed by advocates, on behalf of their clients, people’s donations for furthering the charity’s objects would be used to subsidise the public sector’s duty to take proper account of the real cost of providing for competent advocates’ support – and it’s the council sector’s mandatory duty to fund advocacy, on that basis! So we won’t be doing that.

However, any individual – whether or not they have a Care Act advocate – may well have a problem that we could help with – and Care Act advocates are especially well-positioned to provide our case workers with a very valuable resource: the professional and careful probing of the client’s situation, their wishes and aims – which is all work that the advocate would have to do, anyway, to deliver on their own independent advocacy task, properly.

CASCAIDr therefore offers package deals to advocacy organisations – on an annual basis, with benefits that are designed to give them a choice of routes ‘in’, and to reflect a balance between finding the money for the fee, or offering CASCAIDr the benefit of the kind of input that the advocate would already have engaged in, by the time they had come to realise that there was a legal problem in the mix.

Package deal benefits:

Annual Package for an advocacy organisation …provides ongoing access to the Care Act Legal Framework training webinars from Belinda’s 2016-17 series, numbers 1-12 (the whole of the customer’s journey through the process) for staff and volunteers associated with your organisation.

Twice a year, this will involve a 1hr case law round up to keep all your advocates up to date with judicial reviews and any MCA cases that impact on assessment or care planning law. 

It also provides for up to 3 hours of free consultancy advice every year about your organisation’s relations with its commissioner or grant funder and your organisation’s own legal situation in accepting Care Act work, etc. You can also use it as a steer for issues your own clients are identifying where you need a little guidance.


Routes to Package Deals

There are 3 ways for an advocacy organisation to buy a package deal:

Fee paying: £250 a year, a sum that’s more than covered by the cost from elsewhere, of the training that is included;

Discounted for Input Contribution: £150 a year if you are prepared to designate someone through whom any case that is to be referred for the charity’s normal services will already have been channelled to check if the referral form has been adequately filled out;

Free: if you are prepared to do the above, AND have a fundraising page on, which you agree to spend a reasonable amount of time on, and spread the word about our service. You would need to convince us that you were specially deserving, but we are open-minded!

The alternative, if none of these seems right for your organisation, is to refer your client directly for our service. We won’t treat them any differently, but your organisation will have to manage its own Care Act professional development and awareness without the update webinars, or any ongoing relationship with our experts.

The existing webinar recordings can always be bought as a series, elsewhere, care of – but more expensively – so we’re hoping that membership will make obviously rational sense to advocacy organisations who are finding the Care Act function, a struggle, in the current climate.