Solicitors’ Firms

Solicitors’ firms may like to consider a package deal from Our Trading Company CASCAIDr Trading Ltd.

In buying one, your money will go to subsidise the charity’s free scope work. and remain sustainable over the longer term. 

CASCAIDr the charity aims to further the legal sector’s knowledge of health service and community care law by investing in the Trading Company’s set up, and by advertising its strategy of offering package deals of training and advice.

We hope that firms of solicitors of all types will see the benefits of subscribing in this way:
– the training webinars part of the package will help your trainees and junior staff UP a very useful learning curve for practice development purposes for your firm’s business strategy;
– the advice element will support more experienced solicitors with back-up expertise;
– the routes in to a discounted subscription fee will provide your firm with evidence for its own corporate social responsibility or pro bono programme
– subscribing will knit your firm into the CASCAIDr network for looking for strong cases nationwide where a precedent needs to be re-established, to refresh the relative clarity of the old pre-Care Act case law
– being known to us will be bound to lead to opportunities for cross referrals and to take on public law cases that have been crowdfunded, for a reasonable fee, when a CASCAIDr client needs to take an issue further than the pre action protocol letter or Monitoring Officer’s letter that we will already have issued.

The special position of solicitors’ firms

CASCAIDr exists, first and foremost, for individuals – individuals with social and health care legal problems. It does not exist as a form of free legal advice or supervision for their solicitors, when stumped, because these professionals should, if holding the firm out as competent in community care law, with the greatest of respect, already know enough about the Care Act and its principles to be able to get a person with a social care legal problem, just as far as we can, if not further…

In the real world, however, we recognise that many high street firms with traditional private client departments offering advice on wills and probate, or on family or housing law, may not have been able to develop social care law as an area of expertise that would fill a gap in the local advice market. One cannot learn community care law from universities or on the solicitors’ finals course: it’s often sheer chance that a law graduate would even gain any exposure to the field.. This is one of the reasons why this form of support is not even available from Citizens’ Advice Bureaux, we think.

Any individual – whether or not they have a solicitor for other aspects of their lives – may well have a care-related legal problem that we could help with.

We want to help all sorts of firms go up the care law learning curve, but we can also take referrals if you are not yet ready to hold yourselves out as competent to manage this area of work.

One route in to a package deal would be a discounted fee in return for the provision of 10 hours of pro bono advice a year from any of the staff who’ve become familiar with this area of law, for the charitable clients of CASCAIDr, whether referred in by your firm, or people who have found us independently.

Also, solicitors in high street firms are well-positioned to provide our professionals with a very valuable resource: the professional and careful probing of the client’s situation, their wishes and aims – which is all work that the solicitor would have to do, anyway, to deliver adequately upon their own commitment to the client..

So we offer a discount for that sort of help and support, too – which is good for the law firm and good for us.

These alternatives to a full cost subscription fee are designed to give law firms a choice of routes ‘in’, and to reflect a balance between finding the money for the fee, or offering CASCAIDr Trading Ltd the benefit of the kind of input that the solicitor would already have engaged in, by the time they’d come to realise that there was a legal problem that they could not answer, somewhere in the mix.

Package deal benefits:

The annual Package for a solicitors’ firm provides ongoing access to the Care Act Legal Framework training webinars from Belinda Schwehr’s 2016-17 series, numbers 1-12 (the whole of the customer’s journey through the process) for staff within your firm.

Twice a year, this will involve a 1 hr case law round up to keep all your fee earners up to date with judicial reviews and any MCA cases that impact on assessment or care planning law. 

Our expert case workers will offer Up to 3 hours phone or email based advice per year, regarding concerns that fee earners might have, about health and social care legal issues they are dealing with for publicly funded (or capital depleting clients due to become publicly funded soon)

Routes into Package Deals

There are several ways for a solicitors’ firm to buy a package, according to size and input:

A:    Up to 10 fee earners (including trainees) likely to be using the webinars: £850 a year  (a sum that’s more than covered by the cost of the training that is included);

B:    Up to 5 fee earners (including trainees) likely to be using the webinars: £500 a year

C:    Discounted for Input: 20% refund after a year, or a 20% discount off the stated applicable Package Deal fee for the following year, if you are prepared
a) to designate someone through whom any case that is to be referred for the charity’s normal services direct to clients, will already have been channelled in order to check if the referral form has been adequately filled out;
b) offer 10 hours a year of competent staff’s time per year within your own firm’s existing insured pro bono scheme.

The alternative, if these don’t quite fit your firm’s strategy, is to refer your client directly for our service. We won’t treat them any differently, and you will effectively have helped the client find a more suitable source of advice. 

The existing webinar recordings can always be bought as a series, elsewhere, care of – but more expensively – so we’re hoping that membership will make obviously rational sense to solicitors’ firms who are finding the Care Act a struggle, in the current climate.