SchwehrOnCare Webinars

Homelessness, Housing and the Care ActHousing and Social Care
• The relationship between the parts of the Housing Acts and the Care Act and thus what’s really relevant to know about, for the functions of core operational staff in both departments/district councils, including advice and information, prevention, co-operation – particularly in relation to adults in need of care and support.
• Rights to Care Act accommodation, now we don’t have the National Assistance Act
• The statutory primacy of the Housing Act duties in relation to housing, that’s suitable for people with social services eligibility by reason of care and support issues
• The relevance of contractual incapacity for which organisation should act to house whom…
• Advice and Information under the Care Act – how it should be joined up
• Ordinary residence vs local connection
• Housing Act duties to accommodate – in so far as they exist
• Homelessness and the legal status that being owed the full housing duty gives you – and the impact of extra qualifying criteria, additional preference and discretionary over-rides for relative priority, from within the statutory reasonable preference groups
• Social care rights when a person is placed on an interim or temporary basis out of area by Housing
• Co-operation duties between the two departments/councils
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