Sign up for case work: Solicitor

  • I am generally competent to advise a Customer of CASCAIDr in matters related to health and social care public law rights and will conduct myself with reasonable care and skill with regard to advising CASCAIDr customers, in accordance with these terms that shall apply to all such commissions.
  • I acknowledge that it is within CASCAIDr’s discretion whether and if so when to ask me to advise in any particular case, and that I am not guaranteed regular or any cases


  • I acknowledge that neither I nor CASCAIDr will be acting as partner or employee of the other
  • I acknowledge that as a regulated solicitor I will be acting in one of three roles for CASCAIDr, depending on the circumstances:
    • Either as an independent contractor and agent for CASCAIDr, in any direct contact that I may have with the Customer
    • Or as a regulated solicitor acting pro bono through employment or partnership of a lawfirm participating in firm’s membership of a pro bono scheme such as LawWorks or CASCAIDr’s own pro bono scheme for reduced cost membership for a firm
    • Or as a regulated solicitor with a preference for informally volunteering unpaid time outside of arrangements made with the law firm which employs them or of which they are a partner
  • I acknowledge that in either the first or second roles above I will not be covered by any professional indemnity insurance arranged by CASCAIDr, but will be solely responsible for ensuring that my own professional indemnity insurance arranged by me or my firm covers my legal advice work, and disclosing to insurers my contribution to CASCAIDr’s work. In role 3 as a volunteer I understand that I will be covered by CASCAIDr’s policy of insurance.
  • When acting in role 1 above, I accept the hourly rate of payment for barristers/solicitors posted on the CASCAIDr case management site at the date on which I accept the case, or the date on which I provide advice, whichever is the higher, to be paid within 21 days of receipt of a proper invoiced claim for payment.
  • Unless specifically authorised by CASCAIDr in advance, I will not when acting in role 1 above, charge for more than 3 hours spent on any case or seek reimbursement of any expenses.
  • I promise not to subcontract any CASCAIDr Customer’s case.
  • I promise to preserve the confidentiality of any information about the case and the Customer subject only to public interest exceptions and as provided for by law.


  • I may decline to accept a case if I choose, and must decline it if at any time I find it too difficult, and in either of those events I will promptly notify CASCAIDr by email to
  • On any case which I have not yet declined, I must promptly log in to the CASCAIDr case management site, check whether there is in my view already a sufficiently detailed Referral Form, and if not I may choose whether to refer the matter back or otherwise contact the Customer and endeavour to get a sufficiently detailed Referral Form completed.


  • Unless I have declined the case or have already applied on the CASCAIDr case management site for an extension of time, I must within 10 working days of being offered the case submit to CASCAIDr:

(a) a completed CASCAIDr checklist

(b) written advice as to whether the claim could or should be pursued or not, and briefly why, but without giving full detailed reasons

  1. c) on a separate document, any factors of the case currently thought to pose insuperable difficulties to success

(c) if merited, a conforming Judicial Review Pre-action Protocol Letter for CASCAIDr to send out in its own name.


  • I agree that English law shall apply to our relationship
  • I acknowledge that any further relationship in which I might become involved as between the Customer and any firm in which I am a partner or a fee-earner must be separately contractually constituted after compliance with rules relating to reserved legal activities and money laundering.
By clicking the above and clicking Submit I agree to all of the above statements